Hi, my name is Jonah Lupton.

I’m the Founder of Lupton Capital and author of Jonah’s Deep Dives on Small/Mid Caps, Jonah’s Deep Dives on Large/Mega Caps, and Trading the Charts.

I also host a podcast called Investing with the Whales and a Twitter Spaces called Pitch Your Best Idea.

If you want to know what I’m doing every day in both of my portfolios feel free to join my Stocktwits room where you’ll get access to all my current holdings, entry prices, exit prices, investment models, performance, market commentary, daily webcasts and much more. You can signup for a free trial at [click here].

Last but not least, I run an investment service on Seeking Alpha called “Fundamental Growth Investor” which is everything above under one roof. You can signup for a free trial at [click here].


Jonah Lupton


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